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Where Do Wishes Go?

Authored by Debra Bertulis
Illustrated by Jess Mason
Published by Otter-Barry Books

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A debut poetry collection that has something for everyone.

This book is filled to the brim with poetry and very much lives up to its first poetry statement that ‘Poems are Doors’. From start to end there are wealth of different subjects covered. There are poems that will make readers laugh at their silliness, to those that act as mirrors into the challenges that children can face in everyday life.

Each poem sounds like the author has dipped into a child’s mind and draws attention to elements that may be thought or worried about but are very rarely discussed. Poems such as ‘Looking After Mum’ and ‘Grandad’s Leaving Home’, approach upsetting topics in a sensitive and supportive way. They could bring comfort to those going through the same things. As well as trickier topics, there are poems to make the reader think with questions written underneath, such as ‘Jack’s Mountain’. It talks about a child’s obsession with Mount Everest and prompts us to find out more about Mallory and Irvine’s journey.

Throughout the book the poems are supported by the illustrations of Jess Mason. They are well matched to the words, bringing them to life and are diverse in nature. This collection would easily fit into any class library and lend themselves to be read aloud. The more delicate poems would be a useful starting place to discuss social themes with children during PSHE or circle time.