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While You’re Sleeping

Authored by Mick Jackson
Illustrated by John Broadley
Published by Pavilion

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While You’re Sleeping is a thought-provoking picture book that depicts the many roles which adults fulfil during the night. There are so many individuals ensuring that our villages, towns and cities function and are ready for us each morning. Workers who are cleaning, delivering and stacking shelves whilst most of us are tucked up in our beds, sleeping soundly. Whilst baker’s bake, shop’s serve and taxi drivers drive throughout the night, the emergency services work tirelessly, doctors and nurses care for those who are recovering in their hospital beds. And of course, parents are caring for their newly born offspring.

This book is perfect as an introduction to those jobs that are carried out during the night. While You’re Sleeping, also features the nocturnal animals that roam our countryside under the cover of darkness. This book intelligently links the diverse diversities of planet earth. As each page is turned the reader could be led to consider the cycle of life, as the rain falls replenishing the streams and rivers, as the owl hunts small rodents, along with so many citizens of planet earth who work hard for us within our different societies.

This book would be a great addition to key stage one and two classrooms. Children could be asked to consider other communities who live alongside them in their towns and cities. Hidden communities such as the homeless or further afield those communities who survive without shops, hospitals and the other night workers that this book features.