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Winnie and Wilbur: The Witches Sports Day

Authored by Valerie Thomas
Illustrated by Korky Paul
Published by Oxford University Press


Once again fans of the Winnie the Witch series have a new story. After the first book first published in 1987 – 36 years ago! – we have a 26th book, Winnie and Wilbur: The Witches Sports Day.

In this story we see Winnie and Wilbur taking part in a local witches’ sports day. Every year all the witches and their cats from their local exercise class in the village hall have a sports day along with the fitness class for witches in the next village. The main event is the exciting broomstick obstacle race, which Winnie is eager to win and goes into training in her garden.

The story takes us through Winnie and Wilbur’s trails and tribulations as they do the race. The ending of the race is not quite the ending Winnie envisaged or dreamed off but it does make her realise that it was, in the end the fun of the race that made it special. Everyone celebrates the day together with a feast of food and we see Winnie and Wilbur flying off at the end, determined to win the race next year.

Winnie and Wilbur: The Witches Sports Day is an action-packed story brought to life with Korky Paul’s also action-packed illustrations, full of colour and humour that early years and KS1 children will enjoy. A story about the importance of enjoying the taking part and teamwork, that may also inspire children to create their own interesting obstacle courses!