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Winnie-the-Pooh and Me

Authored by Jeanne Willis
Illustrated by Mark Burgess
Published by MacMillan Children's Books

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Winnie-the-Pooh and Me: Prefaced with the original poem from A.A. Milne’s poetry collection Now We Are Six, Jeanne Willis honours both author and bear in her retelling of Us Two. 

The poem – Willis opts for a verse retelling, as in the original – follows a young Christopher Robin and his sidekick Winnie through a day of exploration and wondering, as they try to determine who or what has come along with them as they play in One Hundred Acre Wood.

We meet old friends, such as Kanga and Roo, as well as Owl, who tries to give advice to Winnie and Christopher as to who could be following them. But something still doesn’t quite add up…

As the day progresses, and as Mark Burgess’s illustrations faithfully mirror E.H. Shepard’s original depictions, we are given clues as to what it is that is following the pair, whether it be Heffalumps, or something else entirely.

At the heart of this tale is a friendship that is as long-lasting as the love for Winnie himself, and a reminder that such relationships are important to us all. A story written with warmth and with love.