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Authored by Chris Saunders
Published by Words and Pictures

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Wish is a beautifully illustrated picturebook. For one day every year wishes take flight; Rabbit has never caught a wish before but this year he catches three – but what should he wish for?

Having caught the wishes, Rabbit asks his friends Mouse, Bear and Fox for advice ‘what would you wish for?’ Mouse wishes he could fly, Fox wishes he could write stories and Bear wishes he could explore the open sea. After speaking to each friend Rabbit wonders ‘Is this the wish for me?’

Written in rhyming couplets, this book explores what each friend would do with their wish and what a difference it would make to their lives. But in the end what will Rabbit decide to do with his three wishes and what will he be left with?

This book explores the themes of wishes, friendship and empathy with exquisite illustrations which have a cinematic quality which children will love. There is also an element of graphic novel layout with some two-page spreads with a single illustration, such as ballooning over the sea and others divided into panels telling a sequence if events such as bear climbing the mountain but the style is gentle and full of hope. I absolutely loved this book, and I am sure that with its poetic prose and stunning illustrations, it will become a firm favourite with children and adults. I  recommend sharing Wish with a whole class or to support a topic such as journeys, friendships and wishes.