Just Imagine

Poetry: pleasure, performance, potential

Would you like a poetry-rich classroom? Would you like to discover exciting ways of introducing poetry to your pupils? Would you like to develop your understanding of ways in which poetry encounters can unlock and enhance children’s potential as readers and writers? This participative course is packed with ideas for bringing the pleasure of poetry to your classroom and unleashing the inner poet lurking inside.

Frequently underrepresented in book collections, and in English lessons in primary classrooms, poetry is a powerhouse for developing reading comprehension. The richly allusive, compressed language of poetry offers opportunities for multilayered reading and interpretation.

Poetry can also be fun, light, engaging, unlocking the reading for some children who find it hard to sustain interest in longer texts. Often combined with humour with its potential for language play it can captivate and entertain, developing language by stealth.

Areas of Focus

  • Exploring the experience of poetry
  • The many advantages of a poetry-rich classroom
  • Selecting poetry – range and repertoire
  • Listening to poetry
  • Reading poetry aloud
  • Poetry and performance: developing pitch, pace, pause, tone, emphasis
  • Reading, responding, developing understanding
  • Approaches to writing poetry
  • Making room for poetry
  • What can we learn from poets?

Recommended Course Length

One- and two-day options are available.

One-day course
An overview of the core principles

Two-day course
Day 1 Selecting, reading and performing poetry
Day 2 Writing poetry, poetry projects


Packs of children’s poetry titles are available to accompany this course. Packs are available for 5—7 years, 7—9 years, 9—11 years. To order contact assistant@justimaginestorycentre.co.uk

Participants will receive a worked-up exemplar for teaching a poetry sequence with a copy of the selected text and resources. Choose from KS1 or KS2 option.