Just Imagine

Rethinking Nonfiction

Building on research of the past 30 years, we start with an overview of ways in which literacy research, education policy, publishing and new technologies have framed approaches to teaching nonfiction.


We reflect on what we have learnt from different approaches, as well as assessing their relative strengths and limitations. We propose a way of engaging critically with nonfiction materials to help children develop subject expertise as well as literacy across a variety of formats.

Areas of focus

  • Understanding approaches to working with nonfiction
  • The uses of nonfiction: from reading for pleasure to honing research skills
  • Best strategies for developing expertise in reading nonfiction
  • Inspiring writing from nonfiction texts
  • Reading fluency and nonfiction

Key stage suitability

Primary years from KS1 to UKS2

Course length

A one-day course covers basic principles. Bespoke training options allow us to work alongside your school to devise a literature based curriculum tailored to your needs,
either working with your existing curriculum plans or devising new ones.


A worked-up exemplar with a copy of the selected text and planning notes.