Just Imagine

Take One Book: literature-based planning

This course is designed for schools that are looking to move towards a literature-based planning model for teaching English and other
curriculum subjects. Our approach is sensitive to the needs of subjects focussing on making effective connections, rather than tenuous links.

Areas of focus

  •  Choosing and using whole class texts
  • Planning from a text
  • Selecting and using bridging texts and supplementary reading
  • Inspiring writing with mentor texts
  • Supporting the demands of reading in subjects
  • Working with a whole school text

Key stage suitability

Can be tailored to cover any or all Key Stages from EYFS to UKS2

Course length

A one-day course covers basic principles.

Bespoke training options allow us to work alongside your team to devise a literature based curriculum tailored to your needs; either working with your existing curriculum plans or devising new ones


A worked up exemplar with a copy of the selected text and planning notes

A dedicated website with additional materials is forthcoming early in 2019