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Annaliese Avery

The Doomfire Secret

Annaliese Avery is a former library manager and children’s book editor who lives in Suffolk, England. She has an MA in creative writing and a lifelong interest in physics and astronomy and in 2017 she founded an astronomical society.

Her debut novel The Nightsilver Promise,  a magical fantasy adventure packed with astronomical interest and dragons was published in 2021. The second book, The Doomfire Secret was published in April 2022.

In this episode, Annaliese talks about destiny, worldbuilding and a heroine who refuses to let fate be the master of her future.

About The Nightsilver Promise
When Paisley Fitzwilliam is summoned to receive the track of stars that will determine her future, she is filled with hope for the future. But the fate she is dealt throws everything upside down.

Then her mother goes missing and the closely guarded secret around her brother Dax is more at risk than ever before. It seems that the previous metal nightsilver might hold the key. .

. Can Paisley defy her stars and change the course of history? A breathtaking journey through the Floating Boroughs and the dark sewers of London, capital city of the Empire of Albion. A thrilling fantasy debut with immersive world-building and tons of action!

About  The Doomfire Secret
When Paisley Fitzwilliam escapes the clutches of the Dark Dragon, she has just one thing on her mind – getting her brother Dax back from the icy Northern Realms, where he was whisked away by the fierce and mysterious dragon riders, the Krigare.

It’s clear that Paisley’s track is unique, but with the Dark Dragon and the King’s Guard now on her trail, she faces danger at every turn. To rescue her brother and keep the Heart Stone from the clutches of the Dark Dragon, Paisley must harness her power and seek new and dangerous alliances. .