Too Small Tola

Atinuke was born and grew up in Nigeria. She writes children’s books because she loves the vibrancy, joy, wisdom and humour of her  African culture, which forms the basis for most of her writing. She has written about urban and rural life in West Africa and her stories show the diversity of backgrounds that children come from, debunking the imagery that is familiar from charity promotions and crisis journalism. While there are undoubtedly important issues for us all to address, these images give only a partial presentation of what it means to live in West Africa and specifically, Nigeria.

 Atinuke shares her thoughts with Nikki Gamble and reads from Too Small Tola Gets Tough.

About Too Small Tola Gets Tough
Tola may be small, but she’s very determined!

Too Small Tola lives in a flat in Lagos with her sister, Moji, who is very clever, her brother, Dapo, who is very fast, and Grandmummy, who is very bossy. One day Tola discovers the secret of multiplication and division. She is so happy! But then there is news of a deadly virus, and news of lockdown too.

Moji goes away to live and study with her teacher and Dapo goes off to live and work with his boss. Grandmummy cannot go out to work so Tola does instead. Tola goes to live with a wealthy couple, the Diamonds.

She cleans and washes and scrubs, scrubs, scrubs. She befriends the other workers too. But she soon learns that even the wealthy Diamonds have problems of their own.

And when it comes to solving them, Tola proves once again how kind and clever, mighty and resourceful she truly is.