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Chella Quint

Chella Quint coined the term ‘period positive’ in 2006 while touring her free Adventures in Menstruating comedy show and workshops in school holidays while teaching drama and PSHE. She kept meeting audiences who wanted her to speak at their school or university and share the concepts she was developing around period positivity more widely. Finally, she went back to university, completed an MA in education, and started researching issues in menstruation education to find out how she could do more.

Chella developed Period Positive and devotes her time to promoting period positivity to counteract the frequently negative public discourse about menstruation.

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Chella chatted to Nikki Gamble in The Reading Corner about her new book, Own Your Period, a guide for young people about periods and the reproductive cycle. 

About Own Your Period
This fact-filled guide to periods is bursting with positive, honest advice on managing and understanding menstruation. Having a period is an incredible thing – Own Your Period celebrates what the body can do and provides young people (age 9+) with everything they need to be prepared… and empowered.

Includes the fascinating science behind why things happen, with all the details of menstruation through to menopause. Answers all essential questions like what’s a vulva and what does it look like, what do periods actually feel like, and what happens if blood stains your clothes? Chella Quint’s witty text slays superstitions, busts common myths and fights period shame, while providing practical information about menstrual products, tracking cycles and sharing her own personal stories. Funny, insightful and warm illustrations with friendly chatty text make this an everything-you-need-to-know essential handbook, which pre-teens can refer to before their periods start, and will appreciate when their cycle is more established.