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David Litchfield

Nikki Gamble enjoyed chatting with David Litchfield about the illustration for Pip and Egg by Alex Latimer.

David talks about his approach to composition, light and the way in which his illustrations work with the text. It’s a delightful book that takes a fresh approach to lifecycles and friendship.

About Pip and Egg

One bright afternoon, Pip met Egg. Pip is a seed from a glorious tree, and Egg is a bird’s egg from a nearby nest.

When Pip and Egg first meet, they are almost the same size and shape – like two peas in a pod. But as their friendship grows, so do they – for Pip this means growing roots, but for Egg? Well, Egg grows wings, and she can’t wait to use them. Though Pip wishes he can follow Egg on her adventures, his roots are strong.

So he watches his friend fly away. But true friends always find their way back to one another, and there are no truer friends than Pip and Egg. And if there’s one thing they learn, it’s that the circle of life will always lead them back to each other.