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David Ouimet

David Ouimet is an American artist, author, and musician.

Early illustration work includes album jackets for his rock group Motherheadbug. He has also illustrated stories notably for Robert D San Souci and Nacy Etchmendy. Since then he has worked as a street artist in New York and internationally.

His debut children’s book which he both wrote and illustrated, I Go Quiet was published to great acclaim and selected as a finalist for the Kate Greenaway Award.  A sequel, I Get Loud, follows the story of the protagonist on a journey towards finding her voice and a place where she can be at peace with the world.

About I Get Loud
 Get Loud, the follow-up to the exquisite I Go Quiet, sees the introverted heroine go out into the world as she gains confidence in her voice and makes a friend for the first time. It is a tale of the emboldening nature of the imagination, the redemptive power of friendship and why we should all embrace our own beautiful, singular weirdness.