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Emma Chichester Clark

Mister Toots

Emma Chichester Clark is one of the UK’s foremost illustrators. She has published well over 60 books for children including her own very popular Blue Kangaroo series as well as stand-alone picture books and illustrated books for other writers.

Emma studied graphic design at Chelsea School of Art in the 1970s and then later studied illustration at the Royal College of Art where Quentin Blake was her tutor. Her former mentor remains a good friend.

In 1988, Emma was awarded the Mother Goose Award for best newcomer in children’s books illustrations

In this episode, Emma talks to Nikki Gamble about her book Mister Toots.

About Mister Toots
When Bella opens her front door and finds an other-wordly, little stranger on the doorstep, her life changes forever! Cold, hungry and lost, the only word the stranger can say is ‘Toot!’, so Bella and her children, name him Mister Toots, before giving him something to eat and a comfy bed. Soon Mister Toots becomes a much-loved member of the family and neighbourhood.

But one terrible day, he disappears into the sky… Will anyone ever see him again? Beautifully illustrated, this poignant, moving story about the power of kindness and compassion, and accepting and welcoming others, will touch the hearts of adults and children alike.