The Boy With Flowers in His Hair

Jarvis studied graphic design and previously worked as a record sleeve designer, website designer, and animation director before becoming a children’s book illustrator.

His books include Mrs Mole, I’m Home! and Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth( which won the 2017 V&A Best Illustrated Book) Pick a Pumpkin and Pick a Pine Tree.

With Jeanne Willis he has co-created I’m in Charge and Spike the Hedgehog Who Lost His Prickles,

About his picture book inspiration, Jarvis says, “The way I work is always visual. I will have an image or character in mind and I pull a story out of it. I doodle and doodle and doodle until I get it right.”  (From Walker Books website),

Jarvis joined Nikki Gamble In The Reading Corner to talk about his picture book, The Boy With Flowers in His Hair.

About The Boy With Flowers In His Hair
A warm and powerful story that brings to life a pure and poignant friendship that children will never forget. David is the boy with flowers in his hair. He’s sweet and gentle, just like his petals.

But when David’s flowers begin to fall – a single petal at first, then every last blossom – his best friend never leaves his side. And through kindness and creativity, he even finds a way to give David his colour back… Beautifully illustrated, this story is about being there for someone when they’re at their most vulnerable.