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Jenny Pearson

Jenny Pearson’s first book The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates was published to great acclaim and quickly became a favourite with primary teachers for its closely observed, hilarious but compassionate portrayal of children.  Jenny is a primary teacher herself and it’s clear that she loves both parts of her working life and that they feed each other.

A second book The Incredible Record Smashers was published in 2021 and is equally funny, with some genuine laugh out loud moments. I rarely laugh aloud when I am reading alone, but this book triggered my funny bone.

To find out why, listen to Jenny talking about The Incredible Record Smashers in this episode.

About The Incredible Record Smashers
A record-smashing, feel-good adventure packed with heart, humour and Guinness World Records from Costa Award-shortlisted JENNY PEARSON, and Kid Normal illustrator Erica Salcedo Lucy is a fixer of broken things. But there’s one thing she can’t fix and that’s her unhappy mum. Until she comes up with an INCREDIBLE plan.

Along with her best friend, Sandesh, Lucy is going to SMASH a world record. Because she’s convinced that starry Paul Castellini – Record Smashers TV host and singing legend – is the answer to her mum’s problems. But breaking a world RECORD when watermelons, kumquats, two baddies and a 30 cm shatter-resistant school ruler are involved isn’t quite as easy as Lucy thought.

Can she learn that sometimes happiness doesn’t come with a plan?”