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Joanna Nadin

Joanna Nadin author and senior lecturer in creative writing at the University of Bristol. She has been nominated twice for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, while the TV adaptation of her novel Joe All Alone is now a BAFTA-winning and Emmy-nominated BBC drama.

In this episode, Jo talks to Nikki Gamble about her novel No Man’s Land set in the not too distant future.

About No Man’s Land
‘I could feel it coming. War, I mean. Creeping up on us, into our town, down our street, into our house.

Smiling like a friend, like it was Batman come to save us when really it was the Joker all along.’ With far-right Albion on the brink of war with Europe, ten-year-old Alan and his little brother Sam are sent away to safety. Dad tells Alan he has to be brave, like the superheroes he loves, but Alan isn’t too sure. He wants to be wherever Dad is, and, anyway – can he really be sure who’s a hero and who’s a villain?

A heartwarming, heartbreaking story of acceptance, love and bravery in all its different forms, from the acclaimed author of Joe All Alone.