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Jonathan Tulloch

Cuckoo Summer

Former teacher, Jonathan Tulloch, is a journalist,  writer and naturalist whose nature features appear regularly in The Times and The Tablet, His debut children’s novel, Cuckoo Summer, was published in July 2020, It’s a wonderfully evocative novel set during the Second World War which captures Jonathan’s childhood memories, and the stories passed down through generations. In this episode, Jonathan talks to Nikki Gamble about where it all began,,,

About Cuckoo Summer
Summer 1940. As the cuckoo sings out across the Lake District, life is about to change forever for local boy Tommy and his friend Sally, the mysterious evacuee girl who lives on the neighbouring farm. When they find a wounded Nazi airman in the woods, Sally persuades Tommy not to report it but to keep the German hidden.

This starts a chain of events that leads to the uncovering of secrets about Sally’s past and a summer of adventure that neither child will ever forget.