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Juliette Forrest

The Mountain Rescue Dog

Scottish author Juliette Forrest is the award-winning author of Twister,  The True Colours of Coral Glen and The Night My Dream Came Alive

Twister was a Sunday Times Book of the Week and chosen by The Guardian as the one must-read kid’s book of the summer. It was longlisted for the Branford Boase Award and won Calderdale Book of the Year.

The True Colours of Coral Glen was picked by the Evening Times as a best book of 2020 by a Glasgow author.

Juliette says, ‘I write children’s fiction featuring quirky female lead characters with strong voices. Packed with adventure, my stories combine gritty reality with magic. I love imagining new worlds as well as unforgettable baddies.’

In this episode. she talks to Nikki Gamble about The Mountain Rescue Dog,  a story inspired by the true history of the pioneer of mountain rescue.

About The Mountain Rescue Dog
A young girl heals from grief and loss in the snowy Highlands of Scotland with the help of her loyal, trusting rescue dog. Clova’s life changes forever when her mother, a search and rescue volunteer, dies tragically in an avalanche. Her grieving father withdraws, and life at home feels lonely until she meets Border Collie Tatty, a shy and frightened dog who Clova helps make bright-eyed and boisterous again.

She begins to train Tatty as a search-and-rescue dog, and when two local boys go missing on the moor, Tatty and Clova spring into action to track them down and save the day. But Dad is furious when he finds out Clova has been on the mountain and sends Tatty away. Clova is heartbroken.

On the first day of spring, the sudden rise in temperature after a cold snap and heavy snow causes an avalanche on the mountain – and Clova’s dad is up there! The Search and Rescue team – plus Clova and Tatty – scramble onto a helicopter for a dangerous rescue mission in the growing dark – can they find Dad and save the day?