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Justin Anderson

Narwhal: Arctic Unicorn

Justin Anderson joined Nikki Gamble In The Reading Corner to talk about his new book, Narwhal: Arctic Unicorn. Listen to the conversation to find out about the connections between documentary filmmaking and writing for children.

Justin Anderson is a wildlife and adventure filmmaker. He produced and directed the ‘Mountains’ segment of Planet Earth II which featured the first-ever fight between four snow leopards seen on screen.

 After working on this series, her wrote his first children’s book Snow Leopard: Ghost of the Grey Mountain.  A second book, Narwhal: Arctic Unicorn is recently published by Walker Books.

About Narwhal: Arctic Unicorn
Discover the beautiful and fascinating unicorn of the sea, the narwhal, with words by a Planet Earth II producer and pictures by an award-winning artist. “Now the narwhal must begin their epic journey north. It’s a journey with many dangers along the way…”Join us on an icy journey into Arctic waters, as we dive down deep with one of the most enchanting creatures in the world – the narwhal.

Learn about how narwhals have adapted to their freezing habitat, how they look after their young and all about their distinctive, mysterious tusks. Complete with an index and a conservation note, this is a wonderful addition to the Nature Storybook series, which showcases the stories of animals all over the world.