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M G Leonard and Sam Sedgman

M G Leonard and Sam Sedgman are the co-authors of Adventures on Trains, a gripping, page turning mystery series that takes in train journeys across different continents.  The partnership has produced a clutch of very successful books, but I wanted to know more about the process of working together. Can friendship survive when there may be competing ideas and deadlines to be met. If you are curious then listen to this episode .

About Danger at Deadman’s Pass
A mysterious letter from an old friend asks Hal and Uncle Nat to help investigate a spooky supernatural mystery. Legend has it the Kratzensteins, a family of rich and powerful railway tycoons, are cursed, but there is no such thing as a curse, is there . . .? Hal and Nat take the night train to Berlin and go undercover. From a creaking old house at the foot of the Harz mountains, they take the Kratzenstein family’s funeral train to the peak of the Brocken Mountain. Can Hal uncover the secrets of the Brocken railway and the family curse before disaster strikes?