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Marcia Williams

Marcia Williams is well known for her wonderful retellings of best-loved stories in her inimitable comic book style which invite reading and rereading. King Arthur, Robin Hood, Shakespeare, Chaucer and the myths and legends of Greece and Egypt have been given her special treatment. She has also written and illustrated two exceptional books in diary/scrapbook format. Archie’s War and My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright.

Marcia’s latest book is all about feelings and how to deal with them. A particularly pertinent topic at the present time as many children come to terms with re-establishing relationships having spent time in small bubbles.

I invited Marcia to talk to me about this project and why she felt it was so important.

About The Fantastic Book of Feelings
 How do you feel today? Whether you’re happy, sad or anything in-between, this book is the perfect guide to understanding and celebrating all your feelings! 

In colourful comic-strip stories, explore a whole range of emotions and discover ways to cope when any feeling becomes overwhelming. Packed with top tips for mental wellbeing and a first aid box for feelings, this is a helpful and engaging guide celebrating the importance of good mental health.