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Naomi Walmsley

Live Like a Hunter Gatherer

Naomi Walmsley runs Outback2Basics with her husband, Dan. She has a passion for teaching young people Stone Age education and Bushcraft, and she also runs some workshops for adults.

Naomi says, ‘I like to think my writing reflects my own experiences, linking nature with education and imagination.’

She has co-authored Forest School Adventure and Urban Forest School with Dan. Her most recent book is Live Like a Hunter Gatherer, a perfect book for any class studying The Stone Age.

About Live Like a Hunter Gatherer
f you imagined that all Stone Age people lived in caves, were not very clever, not very clean and said “Ugg” a lot, then think again. Marking the start of all human history, the Stone Age lasted around 3.5 million years.

Delve into that incredible time with this book packed full of amazing facts, information, crafts, storytelling and myth debunking to discover what it was like to live as a hunter-gatherer.

Many of our Stone Age ancestors’ everyday needs were similar to ours – how to keep warm, where to sleep and what to eat and drink. We find out how they met those needs, what a typical day was like, what medicine they used and even how they had fun – all brought to life with beautifully detailed illustrations. Dotted through the book are step-by-step craft activities and recipes that give you first-hand experience of some vital Stone Age skills – making a Mesolithic shelter, fat lamps, a digging stick, creating cave art, making a bow and arrow and a fishing hook are just a few.

A fictional tribe member pops up throughout the book to tell us about her life, describing the sights, sounds, smells and emotions she experiences. The safety of a warm cave with flickering firelight and other tribe members nearby, the gnawing feeling of hunger when food is scarce, and the excited relief when a deer is hunted.