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Nicola Morgan

After talking to Nicola Morgan about strategies and techniques for developing resilience, I decided to try belly breathing. It’s great for focus and concentration and deflects from the anxieties that might be taking too much brain space. I picked up lots of other interesting tips too and discovered why Nicola was motivated to write this book.

Nicola is no stranger to writing about the teenage brain. In addition to Be Resilient, she has also written; The Teenage Guide to Friends, The Teenage Guide to Life OnlineThe Awesome Power of Sleep and Positively Teenage.

About Be Resilient
The essential teenage guide to building resilience for challenging times, from award-winning well-being expert Nicola Morgan, author of the bestselling Blame My Brain and The Teenage Guide to Stress. Some events in life will always be out of our control, whether it’s a global crisis or a traumatic event at home – but Be Resilient shows that the power to cope is in our hands. Discover how to develop the skill of mental resilience in this fascinating guide from award-winning author and teenage brain expert Nicola Morgan.

From building a support network to building optimism, find positive, practical advice for preparing for, coping with and bouncing back from the toughest of times. Authoritative and backed by the latest science, this is a reassuring companion for teenagers everywhere.