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Nicola Skinner: Starboard

Nicola Skinner is a writer of originality and wit. Her latest book, Starboard, is inspired by Brunel’s great ship the SS Great Britain, the biggest tourist attraction in Bristol, where Nicola now lives. In this episode, I talked to Nicola about what the historic ship means to her, the cast of colourful characters and some of the themes that underpin the story.

About Starboard
This is the story of Kirsten, an apparently happy and successful 11-year-old YouTube star who meets a ship that comes alive… and is claimed by it as its new captain as it breaks free from its dry dock.

Inspired by the true history of the SS Great Britain, Starboard is about the friendship, heroism and bravery that you can find in others, whether they’re made of flesh or iron. It’s about taking control of your own life and going on epic adventures. But most of all, it’s about finding out who you really dare to be, when you’re completely out of your depth…