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Patrice Lawrence

The Elemental Detectives

Patrice Lawrence was born in Brighton and raised in an Italian and Trinidadian household. Her first book for young adults, Orangeboy, was shortlisted for the Costa Children’s Book Award and won the Bookseller YA Prize and Waterstone’s Prize for Older Older Children’s fiction.
In 2021 she won the Jhalek Prizes inaugural children’s and young category for her book Eight Pieces of Silva (2020).

In this podcast, Patrice talks to Nikki Gamble about her middle-grade fantasy novel, The Elemental Detectives. Set in an alternate London where the elemental spirits power the world: the fiery Dragons, the airy Fumis, the watery Chads and the earthbound Magogs.
Humans have been causing chaos in this world for centuries with their disregard and lack of consideration for the natural world. And now someone is out for revenge.