Pooja Puri’s  A Dinosaur Ate My Sister was selected as the first book choice for Marcus Rashford’s Book Club.  A percentage of sales will be donated to the charity Magic Breakfast. Marcus and Pooja are both committed to ensuring children have the fuel to give them energy and help them learn through the day, as well as books to engage and delight.

Pooja joined me In the Reading Corner to talk about her madcap story, featuring a super confident, creative heroine, a time travel machine and some dinosaurs. You won’t be surprised to learn that Pojja is a big fan of Doctor Who.

About A Dinosaur Ate My Sister
efore you start reading, there are a few things you should know:

  • 1. I, Esha Verma, am a genius inventor extraordinaire. 
  • 2.There is nothing I cannot invent. This includes words. 
  • 3. I did not mean to send my sister back to the Age of the Dinosaurs. That was HER OWN FAULT (Mum and Dad, if you’re reading this, please take note).

Esha Verma, her snotty apprentice Broccoli and his cunning pet tortoise have a dream. They are going to win the legendary Brain Trophy – the ultimate inventing prize. This year’s entry: A TIME MACHINE. But the day before the competition, Esha’s IGNORAMUS big sister hijacks the time machine and is lost in the Cretaceous age.

With help from a new recruit for The Office of Time, Esha and Broccoli will have to face hungry dinosaurs, mysterious black holes and malfunctioning inventions to get them back in time.