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Rashmi Sirdeshpande

Dadji’s Paintbrush

Rashmi Sirdeshpande is a lawyer turned children’s author who loves taking big ideas and making them accessible and exciting for young readers. Rashmi writes non-fiction picture books that ignite children’s curiosity, as well as fictional stories that crackle with imagination. When she’s not playing with words, you’ll find her on her yoga mat twisting herself into all sorts of shapes.

Rashmi has had huge success with her hilarious stories about dinosaurs who shouldn’t be taught to read, draw or do sums. Still, she is a versatile writer and the very personal picturebook Dadaji’s Paintbrush shows us emotional depth.

Rashmi joined Nikki Gamble In The Reading Corner to talk about the stories behind this book.

About Dadaji’s Paintbrush

Discover that bereavement can be a beginning, not an ending, in this beautiful story of one boy’s grief when he loses his beloved grandfather. Dadaji loves to teach others to paint, especially his grandson. But after Dadaji passes away, the boy can’t bear to use the favourite paintbrush his grandfather left for him.

When a little girl knocks on the door, the boy discovers how many lives Dadaji touched with his art, and finds a way to continue his legacy.