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Sally Gardner and Lydia Corry

Sally Gardner and Lydia Corry are the creative partnership behind the fabulous Tindims stories, a series that is reminiscent of The Borrowers but with a new 21st Century awareness.  The Tindims are tiny people who sail the seas on their floating island, repurposing the rubbish that other people leave behind.

Sally and Lydia are mother and daughter, and their beach walks and talks have been a perfect way to observe the flotsam and jetsam washed up on the south coast as well as talk about their creative ideas for the stories.

In this episode, they talk about the joys of working together and their respect for each other’s work.

About the Tindims

The Tindims are tiny people who live on a floating island in the middle of the ocean. With their motto of ‘rubbish today is treasure tomorrow’, they collect litter from the sea, which they transform into anything and everything, from driftwood tables to plastic cup chairs. However, even the resourceful Tindims are struggling to cope with the vast quantities of plastic bottles they salvage from the waves.