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Sarah Ardizzone – Open Up the World with Translated Books

Sarah Ardizzone is an established and highly regarded literary translator of books from French into English. She has a particular interest in the translation of dialogue and in writers who have a social awareness and conscience.

Among the list of children’s books that she has translated are:

  • Daniel Pennac, Eye of the Wolf and The Rights of the Reader
  • Timothee de Fombelle, Toby AloneVango, The Book of Pearl  and Saving Celeste
  • Faiza Guene Just Like Tomorrow
  • Barroux Line of Fire and Alpha

In this episode, Sarah talks to Nikki Gamble about the importance of translating children’s books and giving due consideration to selecting books to recommend to publishers.

About Saving Celeste
In this incredibly moving and powerful story about climate change by one of France’s greatest writers for children, the world is run by industry and the only thing that matters is to buy, buy, buy. People live in crowded cities where cars are stacked vertically and shopping centres run miles into the sky. On the day Celeste starts school on the 110th floor of a tower block, she meets a lonely, young boy.

The next day she doesn’t return. Her blood has become as polluted as the seas and rivers. On a mission to save her, the boy battles the forces of industry and takes her far, far away.

Will the world realise the truth of Celeste’s disease? Will there be time for her, and the planet, to recover?