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Sarah Roberts

Somebody Woke Wilson

Naturalist, eco-journalist and activist Sarah Roberts is the author of three children’s picture books about environmental concerns.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley addressed the problem of plastic waste in the oceans, and Somebody Crunched Colin looked at the issues of the careless disposal of crips packets.

Sarah’s latest book, Somebody Woke Wilson, looks at a more complex topic – the need to keep carbon under ground. She joined Nikki Gamble #InTheReadingCorner to tell us more.

About Somebody Woke Wilson
All Wilson wants is a rest! Wilson has slept warm and toasty deep underground for millions of years, along with billions of other carbon atoms. But when Wilson is suddenly woken, he is swept away on a startling adventure from the ocean to the sky and on. Bumping and jostling in the sky is TOO MUCH.

Wilson just wants to rest! A beautifully illustrated picture book with a powerful message about the carbon cycle from environmental expert Sarah Roberts.