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Serena Patel – Anisha Accidental Detective

Serena Patel is the author of Anisha Accidental Detective, a hilarious new series of stories about family and friends featuring a family with South Asian heritage. The main character, Anisha, is a clever inquisitive girl, who shuns the limelight but finds herself drawn into mystery adventures.

Nikki Gamble caught up with Serena to find out more.

About Anisha Accidental Detective
HELP! My super-dramatic Aunty Bindi is getting married tomorrow and she’s having a mega meltdown. But sssh! I’ve just found a ransom note, pushed through the letter box, saying Uncle Tony, Bindi’s husband-to-be, has been kidnapped, and will only be freed if the wedding is cancelled! I have to keep this a secret otherwise it’ll be panic-central…

I guess it’s up to me – Anisha, ACCIDENTAL DETECTIVE, to save the day.