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Sharna Jackson

The Good Turn

Sharna Jackson is an arts educator and author of children’s books. She garnered critical acclaim with her first novel, The High Rise Mystery, featuring Nik and Norva, a pair of black sisters, who solve crimes on an estate, the Tri Estate, in South London. This was followed by a second mystery featuring the sleuthing sisters, Mic Drop.

Sharna joined Nikki Gamble In the Reading Corner to talk about a new adventure The Good Turn, set in Luton, the town where she grew up.

About The Good Turn
Josephine Williams is a future-focused, internet-loving eleven-year-old who is desperate to explore the world beyond her cul-de-sac – and her browser. When she learns about Josephine Holloway – a woman who started the first Girl Scout Troop for Black girls in America – she’s certain she must start her own.

Enlisting her friends Margot Anderson and Wesley Evans, the trio begin their quest for their Camping Badge. Drawn to an abandoned factory nearby, they stumble across something strange. A square, ancient television and two tatty armchairs.

Beside it, a wooden sideboard with an old photograph of a young, happy couple. What is this? Who, or what, lives here – and why?