Stitched Up

Steve Cole has been a previous guest In The Reading Corner. We have talked about humour, comics and Dr Who. This time our conversation centres on four books important books that Steve has written for the dyslexia-friendly publisher Barrington Stoke. 

Each book takes as its subject one of the major concerns of our time. From waste management to the social justice issues associated with the fast fashion industry, Steve’s writing takes a global perspective that prompts readers to consider their role in tackling these concerns.

About Stitched Up

The horrific real-life cost of fast fashion is exposed in this gripping tale of survival from bestselling author Steve Cole. When twelve-year-old Hanh is offered a job as a shop assistant in Hanoi, she sees it as a chance to earn money to send back to her family living in poverty in rural Vietnam. But on her arrival in the city, she soon learns that the job offer was a lie and finds herself working in virtual slavery in an illegal garment factory.

Life in this sweatshop is a daily hell of long hours, little rest, poor food and regular violence. Hanh is desperate to escape, but when an opportunity arises, will she be able to find the courage to take a dangerous chance?