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The Wainwright Prize with Dara McAnulty and Gina Bradbury Fox

Named after nature writer Alfred Wainwright, the  Wainwright prizes are awarded to the work which best reflects Wainwright’s core values and include a celebration of nature and our natural environment or a warning of the dangers to it across the globe. In 2022 for the first time, a children’s prize is awarded.

Naturalist Dara McAnulty and founder of the Outdoor Guide Gina Bradbury Fox joined Nikki Gamble to talk about the importance of the children’s prize and support for getting children into the great outdoors.

The 2022 Winner of the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing and Conservation children’s category is Tom and Rob Sears’s The Biggest Footprint

About The Biggest Footprint

Meet the mega human: colossal, clueless . . .and the biggest hope for life on Earth. There are eight billion of us humans. All breathing, eating, fidgeting and thinking deep thoughts. It’s an unimaginably large number.

Or is it? The mega-human is the result of smooshing all the people in the world together into one spectacular giant (don’t try this at home). Even though the mega human is not the smartest of creatures, it is slowly beginning to understand the problems it has created for Planet Earth’s future…and how it might be able to fix them.

Using brain-bending stats and smoosh theory, The Biggest Footprint is a journey of self-discovery suitable for anyone and everyone identifying as human.