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12th May 2024

Clare Pollard: The Untameables

Nikki Gamble interviews poet, playwright and novellist, Clare Pollard about her debut children;s book, The Untameables.

8th October 2023

Peter Brown

Peter Brown talks about nature, technology and the rewilding of robots

4th October 2023

Rashmi Sirdeshpande and Miranda McKearney

Rashmi andMiranda talk about the development of empathy

16th September 2023

Pippa Funnell

Pippa Funnell talks about Pippa's Pony Tales

5th September 2023

Roland Chambers

Roland Chambers intoduces his new series

26th August 2023

James Dixon

James Dixon introduces The Billow Maiden, his fantasy adventure story set on a remote Scottish island

22nd August 2023

Anthony and the Gargoyle

An interview with Jo Ellen Bogart and Maja Kastelic

5th June 2023

David Wolstencroft Interview

David Wolstencroft talks to Nikki Gamble about his debut children's book. The Magic Hour.

9th April 2023

Jasmine Richards interview

Jasmine Richards talks about how her experiences led her to set up Story Mix

5th April 2023

Kwame Alexander interview

Kwamwe Alexandertell us how a trip to Ghana was the beginning of the journey to The Door of No Return

24th March 2023

Mariajo Illustrajo interview

Mariajo Illustrajo explains that she has a lot in common with the characters in Lost and Flooded

14th March 2023

Shirley Marr interview

Shirley Marr talks about the experiences that informed All Four Quarters of the Moon

5th March 2023

Deborah Ellis interview

Deborah Ellis talked to Nikki Gamble about One More Mountain and writing about Afghanistan

5th March 2023

Abi Elphinstone interview

Abi Elphinstone talks to Nikki Gamble about the appeal of classic literature and her novel, Saving Neverland.

15th January 2023

Peter Lantos interview

Holocaust survivor, Peter Lantos, talked to Nikki Gamble about the real-life experience behind The Boy Who Didn't Want to Die.

14th January 2023

Berlie Doherty interview

Berlie Doherty talks to Nikki Gamble about the story behind her novel, The Haunted Hills

23rd December 2022

Emily Gravett interview

Emily Gravett chatted with Nikki Gamble about the inspirations behind her picture books

4th December 2022

Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott interview

Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott talk to Nikki Gamble about their writing partnership.

3rd December 2022

Kelly Yang

2nd December 2022

David Atherton

29th November 2022

Peter Kalu

28th November 2022

Kandace Chimbiri

28th November 2022

Malcolm Duffy

27th November 2022

Greg Jenner

20th November 2022

Sarah Roberts

8th November 2022

Nyanda Foday and Joelle Avelino

8th November 2022

Juliette Forrest

5th November 2022

The Wainwright Prize with Dara McAnulty and Gina Bradbury Fox

23rd October 2022

Philip Ardagh and Ben Mantle

23rd October 2022

Sophie McKenzie