Just Imagine

Knock, Knock Pirate

Authored by Caryl Hart
Illustrated by Nick East
Published by Hachette

Who’s that knocking at the door? Pirate One, Pirate Two, Three and Four!

Tells the story of a surprise visit from a bunch of not–so-bloodthirsty pirates and a runaway house. Disturbed from a nice restful day our heroin suddenly finds herself playing hot to an array of unwanted guests who love nothing more than their pirate life oh and stealing houses.

Through rhyme and audience participation this fun story guides the reader counting up to 10 and although this may give the suggestion it is only suitable for Early Years, that really isn’t the case. The illustrations have such depth of detail and the writing so cleverly flows from one page to the next that it really could be used and adapted for all of Key Stage 1.

The rhyming sequence especially would take some effort to recreate and this carries the story.

It is important to note however this is a fairly straightforward story. If you are looking for a more in depth or complex tale then I would suggest using something more along the lines of The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle simply because there is more character depth and ideas to embellish.

That being said this is a great little story with plenty of potential for use in the classroom.

Ben King, Year 5 Teacher and Reading co-ordinator.

Twitter: MrBKing1988          Blog: www.kingintheclassroom.blogspot.co.uk