Just Imagine

The Night Knights

Authored by Gideon Sterer
Illustrated by Cory Godbey
Published by Tiny Owl

A wondrous ‘Knight-time’ delight.

This wonderful picture book tells the story of what happens when things go ‘bump in the night’.

We have all been there, so the narrator tells the reader, lying in bed in the dead of night when suddenly a noise disturbs your slumber. What is it? A monster has come to smuggle you away. However they never come, why? Because secretly an army has sprung into action. The Night Knights guard you as you sleep, they sail the seas and ride mighty steeds. All to protect you from the unknown.

This beautifully illustrated tale takes the reader on adventure of a night-time explaining how we are protected as we sleep by wondrously gothic warriors who’s one aim is to keep us safe. I fell in love with this story, the cleverness of the idea challenging the reader as to why nothing ever happens after you hear that bump or bang.

Perfect for Key Stage 1 readers who are studying Knights & Castles this story lends itself easily to a writer’s own adaptation. The art work is of such a specific dark style and theme, that they offer up the opportunity for children to create their own pieces of a similar ilk.

However there is plenty here for older readers too. They will grasp, perhaps with more understanding, the meaning behind Godbey’s superb illustrations and will secretly be questioning their own long held beliefs that something lurks in the shadows.

This book could easily be used for an entire unit of writing or as a basis for Guided Reading sessions and the design and layout is so deliciously gothic, that the potentials for Art lessons are vast too.

I strongly recommend you pick up a copy.


Ben King, Year 5 Teacher and Reading co-ordinator. 

Twitter: MrBKing1988    Blog: www.kingintheclassroom.blogspot.co.uk

The Night Knights by Gideon Sterer and illustrated by Cory Godbey was published by Abrams on 1st May 2018.