Just Imagine

How Rude!

Authored by Sarah Arnold
Illustrated by Sarah Arnold
Published by Otter-Barry Books

How Rude! is a humorous story about friendship centered around Mole’s manners (or lack of!) and what is inside his mysterious box.

Mole has an enormous box and the others long to know what’s inside. But when they ask Mole about it, they are appalled by his manners. They decide not to put up with Mole’s rudeness and Mole begins to feel lonely. He soon learns that sharing, good manners and friendship make life more fun.

This picturebook explores the familiar internal conflicts that surround the risky business of sharing your material possessions with others. It highlights how sometimes not sharing can mean that, whilst you preserve what is yours, you can miss the real fun of being part of a group of friends.  The composition of images and text is well designed and work effectively together to tell the story.

How Rude! is a useful book to have on hand in the class library when issues of sharing and friendship arise. As each character imagines what is inside Mole’s box, there are rich opportunities to discuss children’s own predictions as well as their opinions about Mole’s actions. A valuable book suited to the infant years but that could be used in any primary school classroom.