Just Imagine

How To Win A Nobel Prize

Authored by Barry Marshall, Lorna Hendry
Illustrated by Bernard Caleo
Published by Rock The Boat

A non-fiction with a narrative that might inspire a future Nobel winner.

Combining non-fiction with a story element, How to Win a Nobel Prize aims to show its readers what it takes to become a world-changing scientist.

Barry Marshall, Nobel winner for finding the cause of stomach ulcers, takes Mary to visit past winners after she stumbles on a secret meeting. Each scientist – some well known and some less well known – explain their work, and offer Mary advice so that she can fulfill her ambition of becoming a scientist.

But the narrative is really only a vehicle for the fascinating stories of each scientist, and the Nobel prizes. After each chapter there’s an experiment to try at home – or in the classroom, of course. And these are impressive experiments… did you know it’s entirely possible to extract DNA from a strawberry using a few easily obtainable ingredients? Me neither.

This book would be great for the upper junior  classroom library. Easy to read, it would be perfect for a research tool as well. But the experiments will be what inspires the pupils and make for some great lessons.