Just Imagine

Jungle Jamboree

Authored by Jo Empson
Illustrated by Jo Empson
Published by Puffin

The story of a jungle, the animals that live there and what it takes to be beautiful.

Deep in the jungle, the animals are excitedly preparing for the Jungle Jamboree which is due to take place at dusk. As part of the festivities there is a competition to find the ‘most beautiful animal of all.’ As the animals get themselves ready, they each decide that they need something extra to win the competition and are too absorbed to notice the fly  flying past them all. As a storm threatens to interrupt the Jamboree who will save the day and enable the judging to finally take place? Who will win the title…Lion, Bird, Zebra, Leopard or Hippo, perhaps?

This is a bright bold picturebook which explores the animals in the jungle, both great and small and how they get ready for a Jungle Jamboree. It is a story about the true nature of beauty and also shows the story from the point of view of a fly. I am sure younger readers will enjoy following the flight of the fly on each page as it weaves in and out of each scene of the story, and the extraordinary lengths to which the animals go to try and win the competition.  Jungle Jamboree would be great alongside a topic on animals, jungles or rainforests and its bold illustrations make it ideal for sharing with a class of children as a whole class text.