Just Imagine

Looking After Your Mental Health

Authored by Alice James and Louie Stowell
Illustrated by Nancy Leschnikoff, Freya Harrison
Published by Usborne

Looking After Your Mental Health is a long-awaited child friendly manual to assist young people in facing the multitude of challenges presented to them today. It covers all challenges from family, social media, peer pressure, relationships and eating disorders.

The book is organised into easy to read chapters with images and segments designed to attract a younger audience. The description of how the mind works, the use of questions and emojis throughout the book all help to simplify a very complex issue.

We are all aware of the importance of children (and adults) taking care of their mental health, and this book really aids the raising of awareness whilst providing reassurance and guidance for when times get tough. It’s aimed at the oldest children in primary, however, there is no reason why a teacher could not dip in and out of discrete chapters.

This is a must for every school library and classroom library. The language and discussion of mental health can be difficult for us all and Looking After Your Mental Health helps to bridge the gap.