Just Imagine

The Daredevil’s Guide to Outer Space

Authored by Anna Brett
Illustrated by Mike Jacobsen
Published by Lonely Planet Kids

Space: a source of huge interest to many, many children. The perennially popular topic for all ages, Outer Space is here introduced in a clear and fact-filled way helping to hook younger readers into the exciting science of our solar system and beyond.

The Daredevil’s Guide to Outer Space mostly covers topics relating to our own solar system. Each of the planets has a double-page spread, with further pages devoted to the International Space Station, moon landings and the scientific technology used for space exploration. In the final few pages of the book, children are introduced to parts of the universe beyond the solar system: stars, galaxies and black holes.

There are many books published which deal with the general theme of space. In 2019, much was added to the already rich list of children’s books on Space with the celebration of the moon landing, for example. It is however more tricky to find guides which use language which is unpatronising but that gives the most important information to budding scientists in Years 2 and 3. Children at this age love books which give them the facts but often are either faced with texts that are aimed at an older readership or that are rather too basic for their needs.

This book is a perfect balance of detail with clear presentation (most pages have just a few paragraphs to read) and attractive, informative illustrations and photographs. It would be a popular choice for children who want to read non-fiction for pleasure (the comic book style illustration helps!) as well as teachers looking for something to use with younger year groups to support the teaching of navigating information texts.