Just Imagine


Authored by Pádraig Kenny
Published by Chicken House

Tin definitely gets under your skin… well if you’re a ‘proper’ sentient human. It’s a brilliant arrangement, through which children and teachers can really question what it means to be human.

Contrasting worlds collide throughout: ornate historical and modern mechanical, human and inhuman, friendship and malevolence, macabre and comforting.

There is also a sense of social injustice creeping through an ironic exploration of modernisation reviving almost a Dickensian social structure.

Not only that, in this age of technology rapidly replacing humans in so many ways, this is a narrative island where children and adults can really escape to in order to explore what this means for the future of humankind. Devotion, betrayal and subterfuge are rife making for a gripping and, at moments, breath-taking story.

Such an exciting book for teachers to use on so many levels! A must for school libraries and every upper junior classroom reading area, as well as core text for teachers to plan an entire term of learning around. I know we will be! Cannot recommend this book enough.