29th May 2023

Double Acts and Children’s Graphic Novels

A close look at the comedy double acts in children;s graphic novels

8th October 2023

Festivals and Celebrations

Books about festivals and celebrations open the world, but don't forget to ask what they mean to ourselves and others.

12th April 2023

Food and Farming in Children’s Books

When teaching, the question 'where does our food come from?' can be a complex, divisive and sensitive issue, which requires carefully considered honesty.

20th November 2022

Muddy Brilliant!

18th January 2023

My Conversation with Jeremy Dronfield

Fritz and Kurt is a narrative nonfiction text for children set during the Holocaust. Roy's interview with author Jeremy Dronfield is fascinating and essential reading for educators.

5th November 2022

Reaching for the (Night) Sky

5th February 2023

Rivers and Activism in the Classroom

Rivers and activism in the classroom doesn't have to be a one-off. You keep at it. Not just until change happens, but to make sure it stays that way too.

24th March 2024

The Brainiac’s Book of the Climate and Weather

An colourful and well designed introduction to the climate and weather for reader 7 and up.

7th April 2023

Welcoming Spring into your Classrooms

Bring a bit more spring into the classroom with some poetry, painting, folklore and music.

26th April 2023

Words and Art in Picturebook Poetry

Illustrating verse isn't about telling readers what to think about a poem. It's about teaching them how to think about poetry.