natural world

16th April 2023

Counting in Green: 10 Little Ways to Help Our Big Planet

Counting in Green: 10 Little Ways to Help Our Big Planet is a manifesto for earth-friendly living for children in Early Years and KS1, with a central message of hope.

24th November 2019

Darwin’s Voyage of Discovery

11th July 2022

Daydreams and Jellybeans

16th April 2024

Dictionary of Dinosaurs

An illustrated nonfiction book about every dinosaur that’s ever been discovered.

8th June 2024

Dive, Dive into the Night Sea

A highly original nonfiction picturebook, beautifully illustrated in a perfect colour palette, taking us on a mesmerising journey into the night sea.

9th May 2023

Do Bears Poop in the Woods?

Do Bears Poop in the Woods? is a fabulous non-fiction book takes you on an expedition to find out everything there is to know about bears.

5th March 2023

Earth’s Incredible Places: Everest

26th July 2022

Earth, Sea and Stars

15th January 2023

Epic Animal Journeys: Navigations and Migrations by Air, Land and Sea

27th October 2022

Everest: Reaching the Roof of the World

15th July 2023

Everything You Know About Sharks Is Wrong

Dispels some popular myths about sharks and explores the reasons for their bad reputation whilst providing a wealth of facts and interesting information. 

17th April 2023

Feel Good Gardening

Every spread focuses on activities relevant to a particular month of the year, and we watch on as a boy and girl discover feel-good things to do in the garden.