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“Invisible in a Bright Light” by Sally Gardner – Exclusive Cover Reveal

Just Imagine are thrilled to reveal the brand new cover of Sally Gardner’s latest title Invisible in a Bright Light, launched today – 12th July 2019. (Cover art by Helen Crawford-White)

To coincide with this, Sally has written a wonderful letter to share with her readers.


Dear Reader

Children possess extraordinary imaginations that relish ideas to do with time and space. It has been far too long since I have written for this age group and it feels like coming home.

When I was twenty-four years old, I designed the costumes for Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen. It was one of the most magical experiences of my theatrical life. What fascinated me was the chandelier that hung in the auditorium and rose into the dome of the opera house. I had never seen any chandelier that shone as bright. Most become dulled by dust.

I asked if we might see it more closely. And so it was, on a wintry day, the designer and I wandered up wooden staircases to the very top of the opera house and found a door that looked as if it might open onto a broom cupboard. Instead we found ourselves in the dome.  All around this huge circular space were windows that looked out onto the copper roofs of Copenhagen.  In the centre hung the chandelier – a huge brooding presence. There we also discovered an old lady with a sewing-machine and her chamois leather cloths all hung out to dry like birds on a wire. Her job, so she told us, was to keep the chandelier shining. No one knew she was even up there!

I felt I had walked into a fairy tale. And it was this time in Copenhagen that is the basis of my story, Invisible in a Bright Light.

I sincerely hope my tale weaves its magic into your hearts . . .



Invisible in a Bright Light will be published by Head of Zeus in November 2019