World Book Day Competition: Win Books for your library with What on Earth Books and Britannica Children’s Encyclopedia and Just Imagine.

Would you like to win books for your library in a fantastic World Book Day competition? We have teamed up with What on Earth Books to tell you about an amazing opportunity they are offering for you to do just that and have fun while increasing your knowledge at the same time.

I have long since been a champion of the printed encyclopedia. The ease with which we ‘Google it’ usually ends after entering the initial search for many children. Until children have mastered digital information literacy skills and know that typing in a question directly from their homework sheet is unlikely to yield useful results, the printed encyclopedia still has a valid place on bookshelves. Teaching the basic skills of using a contents page and index will prove far more fruitful, particularly with young children.

Of course there are obvious drawbacks, mainly linked with the speed with which information changes, however even if an entry may be dated, it will still provide useful search terms with which children can seek more current data online. The drawbacks of online fact searching, in my opinion, are far greater without the experience to steer clear of ‘Joe Bloggs’ fun facts gathered from who knows where and navigate the many interfaces of reliable and age-appropriate sources. Ideally good quality written and online reference tools should both be accessible, along with the time to teach the skills to use them. However, starting with the printed form introduces young children to the process of information retrieval in a manageable way, without the overwhelming plethora an online search can throw up.

World Book Day Competition with Britannica Children's Encyclopedia

Take part in a World Book Day competition with this quiz using extracts from the fantastic Britannica Children’s Encyclopedia

We are delighted to join with What on Earth books to bring you the opportunity to receive £500 for your school library and enter a prize draw to win £100 worth of books too, all while having fun and learning. What on Earth Books are a favourite publisher of ours due to the well-researched content and beautiful design of their books.

I remember in my own 80’s pre-internet childhood what a big event it was when my parents spent £1000 on the full Encyclopedia Britannica collection. It took up an entire bookshelf in our dining room and I spent many an hour with several volumes strewn across the dining room table in order to complete my homework. I marvelled at the shiny red covers and the relative ease with which I sourced the information I sought, though I have to confess the tomes were heavy, the pages were thin and the illustrations informative but not particularly engaging to a teenager with a big imagination.

How lucky today’s children are to have this single volume, so beautifully put together and so easy to use. Over 1000 illustrations and the contributions of over hundred experts from around the world, this is accessible and inclusive nonfiction at its best.

Christopher Lloyd founder of what on Earth Books

Christopher Lloyd is a thoroughly engaging advocate for nonfiction as you will see from the quiz film. His expertise as a publisher and enthusiasm as an author is infectious and children will be inspired to build their own knowledge using the many titles Chris has brought to the children’s market in recent years. Our Summer school audience was thrilled when he shared the brilliant Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t and he also joined Nikki Gamble in In the Reading Corner to explain why a print-based encyclopedia is not an anachronism in the digital age. 

You can read Nikki’s review of the Britannica Children’s Encyclopedia here to see why we rate it so highly.

We have many titles from What on Earth Books in our collections, with a significant number featuring on our reviews page.

Wworld Book Day Competition with Britannica Children's Encyclopedia

Good Luck!