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Animal Powers: a story starter

Best-selling author Paula Harrison began inventing stories and writing them down as a child. After taking an English Degree she became a primary school teacher, where she loved sharing books, before writing stories of her own.

Paula is the author of the highly illustrated Kitty series and the latest and the latest book Kitty and the Starlight Song is published this month. Paula suggests how you might use the idea of animal powers to write your own story.

I bet you’d love to have superpowers! Just think how amazing it would be to leap from one tall building to the next or run at super speed. In Kitty and the Starlight Song, the main character, Kitty, continues to practice her cat-like superpowers. She can run, leap and balance as perfectly as a cat and she has super senses too! She has a team of cat friends that help her on her missions and she always uses her powers to help people.

Animal superpowers have a long history from Batman to Spiderman and more! If you had animal superpowers what would you like them to be? Maybe you could be a creature with brilliant camouflage like a chameleon or a superpowered swimmer like a dolphin. Maybe you can run super-fast like a leopard or tunnel underground like a rabbit. Don’t forget to think about your senses too. Would you like to have night vision like an owl or an amazing sense of smell like a wolf? Remember – you can only choose one animal!

Imagine waking up one morning with your new animal superpowers. You might feel that something is different but you don’t know what it is.

How do you find out about your new powers? Do you race your friend to school and suddenly find out you can run super-fast? Or do you suddenly realise you can see in the dark?

Do you decide to tell everyone about what you can do or do you keep your new animal superpowers a secret?

What will you do with your new powers? In Kitty and the Starlight Song, Kitty’s friend, Figaro, is injured and she needs to help him. She leaps onto a wall and carries him home along the moonlit rooftops. Then she decides to cheer him up with a special surprise party. She just needs the help of her cat friends!

Imagine yourself setting out on a mission with your new superpowers. Where will you go? Is there someone in danger? And will you use your new powers to help people just like Kitty?

Good luck!

Paula lives with her husband and children, and a very naughty black cat called Inky who likes to steal socks from the washing basket to play with! Paula has always loved cats because of their independent nature and playful personalities. 

Twitter: @P_Harrison99

Kitty and the Starlight Song by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Lovlie is available now published by Oxford Children’s Books | Paperback | Age 5+ | £5.99