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18th February 2023

Keeping Girls Doing Sport

With girls' interest in sports dropping after primary school, can books help keep a passion alive, or fuel another in face of outside pressure and socially constructed expectations.

5th February 2023

Rivers and Activism in the Classroom

Rivers and activism in the classroom doesn't have to be a one-off. You keep at it. Not just until change happens, but to make sure it stays that way too.

21st January 2023

Poetry by Heart

18th January 2023

My Conversation with Jeremy Dronfield

Fritz and Kurt is a narrative nonfiction text for children set during the Holocaust. Roy's interview with author Jeremy Dronfield is fascinating and essential reading for educators.

15th January 2023

Having a Growth Mindset

15th December 2022

Just Imagine Favourite Books of 2022

3rd December 2022

A Sprinkling of Christmas Magic

27th November 2022

You Are History

20th November 2022

Muddy Brilliant!

12th November 2022

A Vampire is Not Just for Halloween

5th November 2022

Reaching for the (Night) Sky

30th October 2022

A Golden Age of Nonfiction?

29th October 2022

Writing Supernatural Adventures

24th October 2022

The Three Rs

24th October 2022

Big Book, Little Cook

15th October 2022


1st October 2022

Joseph Namara Hollis

26th September 2022

The Dog Blog

1st September 2022

Dress well to cast a spell

1st September 2022

A Portrait of the Teacher

5th August 2022

More than Words

2nd August 2022

Code Switching: A Black British Fairy Tale

28th July 2022

The Beach Boys & Girls

13th July 2022

When Two Minds Meet

10th July 2022

Fletcher and the Rockpool

29th June 2022

A Planet of Plants

19th June 2022

Around the World in Eighty* Ways

5th June 2022

Small Publishers are a Big Deal

21st May 2022

There is More Than One Way to Hug a Cat

8th May 2022

A Tale Never Loses in the Telling